Jamie Oliver

Slow roast Rack of Lamb in honey soy and garlic

FEB 17 @ 09:40

by butcher

Get a rack of lamb french trimmed,  (no fat)  mix up some honey soy sauce a good amount of soy . And then add  garlic mix it all up . Mark the back of the lamb rack 2mm deep, so marinate can get in , rub on the back of the rack and leave for 30mins.
Heat oven to 150c  place rack on tray and put in oven cook of 40mins and then turn up to 220c for 10 mins to crisp up the marinate (you can leave in longer if not crisp) rest rack for 5 mins and then cut in to cuttlets size peices put on bed of rice and eat  big_smile.......


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FEB 17 @ 11:34

by oliviascotland

That sounds absolutely delicious (and looks wonderful too).  Thanks for sharing this smile

FEB 17 @ 14:49

by MsPablo

That looks excellent!  You've given me motivation to finally try cooking rack of lamb!

FEB 18 @ 07:37

by The White Rabbit

french trimmed...but that's the best bit sad

AUG 26 @ 08:54

by mariong31

this is soooo delicious.  cooking it again tonight.  can't wait.....

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