Jamie Oliver

Pear tree resident

FEB 19 @ 03:57

by Cindy

Meet Claude, one of the Ring Tail Possums that lives with his family in our pear tree. Quite often when we are wandering around the garden doing the watering etc, Claude pokes his head out of the log that he shares with two others and watches us.

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FEB 19 @ 05:32

by shammrok

How cute  smile

FEB 19 @ 07:14

by madamada

eheheh bellissimo nice to meet Claude, we had a pruno selvatico which had become a condominio for picchio rosso and his family, then the year later cinciallegra , it was nice to see parents come and go feeding their littles, I invited the primary school children with the teachers to see them, it was a good day and the picchio rosso was a great actor lol

Cindy I've read your coffee article on Fodwise and I'm longing to roast my green coffee, this is a great challange, I have the smell of roasted coffee in my nostrils since we did it at ho
me when I was a child

ciao ciao

FEB 19 @ 09:49

by mummza

Claude sounds like quite a little character.
This is a delightful photograph Cindy, thank you for showing it to us all.

FEB 19 @ 13:21

by MsPablo

Nice story and cute photo!  We have some bold animals living around our home.  Two racoons stood on their hind legs at my sliding glass doors with forepaws against the glass peering in to beg for food during a big snow, so I put out some food for them.

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