Jamie Oliver


FEB 20 @ 17:55

by wildly organic

Jackfish..."known as Northern Pike" is a very delicate white fish that is very underrated. Jack is...well kinda ugly. Not a pretty little trout or a pickerel or perch
Jack eats those for snacks
But I eat jack. Deboned of course and so many ways to cook it
This is jack in butter,fresh dill and sea salt
Red yams with brown sugar
Spinach with butter balsamic  and toasted slivered almonds

jars of jack are great with homemade mayo and shallots spread on baguettesmile

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FEB 20 @ 18:48

by foietruffledisiac

That looks and sounds scrumptious!
........and am definitely down for a jar of jack!
Am enjoying all of your photos!

Take Care!

FEB 20 @ 21:27

by wildly organic

Thanks Foietruffledisiac ! Gorgeous flags!

Come on over, lots o jacks in the cold room!wink

FEB 22 @ 16:48

by MsPablo

I never answered your post in my blog, sorry wildly.  I have never made wontons myself, but love them and would like to try.  I've been from Quebec City to Banff and Japser in Canada, had a great trip.  The OH and I have been in Montreal a few times for his work and once we took a wonderful vacation beyond all roads in N. Ontario on an island owned by friends of family, had to be flown in by a small plane that could land on water.  I'll never forget it.

FEB 23 @ 18:35

by wildly organic

sounds serenesmile

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