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MAR 03 @ 22:00

by wildly organic

The evening of hot and healthy oatmeal was a big success!
Mums tried different ways to eat oatmeal as well as good ol Ovaltine for a warm drink full of nutrition for the kids
That's me on the right and my extra cute helper Kathleen. I was really messy at the endtongue
An hour flys by fast but I managed to get in a demo of the granola bars,old fashioned oatmeal,oatmeal in a thermos overnight,and various tasty toppings to try like organic granny smith apples,cuurants,canned apricots,canned pears,vanilla and maple syrup


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MAR 03 @ 23:32

by Luvmegrub

Hello Wildly wave

Not long until your visit downunder.

MAR 05 @ 16:10

by wildly organic

20 days luvmegrub! I was just thinkin of you this morning.
we are staying in ashfield district in sydney for couple days
taronga zoo or the zoo attached to the sydney aquarium which is better?whistle

MAR 09 @ 03:49

by Luvmegrub

Hi Wildly, haven't been to the new zoo at the Aquarium but I just loooove Taronga and it's got the best view of Sydney harbour, you will love it.  We are going there in 2 weeks for a Twilight Concert - take our own picnic and listen to the music, great fun.  The Aquarium is also really interesting but you might see something like that up north (think you said Barrier Reef too?).  Of course, as you are only here a short time it may be convenient for you to stay in the city.  Taronga is really a whole day thing.  Depends what else you are going to cram in.  Any questions, just ask and I'll try to help. LMG

MAR 11 @ 01:48

by Luvmegrub

Just had a laugh at your "what do you smell like" post.  Have you got that Tandoori Tan happening yet?lol

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