Jamie Oliver

Ice Fishing for the little lovely perch

MAR 03 @ 22:40

by wildly organic

Go ice auger go! tonguelol

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MAR 20 @ 03:02

by Luvmegrub

Wildly, nothing to do with your photo of ice fishing for perch but just wanted to say "bon voyage" as you set off on your trip. 

I can't wait to escape up to Coffs Harbour myself very soon.

The weather is just beautiful at the moment, you are going to love it.

One word of advice when you arrive in Sydney (not sure about other countries) but DO NOT bring any food into the country, particularly any fresh fruit or veg, even if they hand it out on the flight.  It is against our customs regulations to let it in and there's a fine if you don't declare food.  Same goes for wood, don't purchase anything make of wood or seed pods (jewellery?) etc on your way here.

All the best and can't wait to see pictures of your hols on your blog.
Cheers, LMG

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