Jamie Oliver

Classic Victorian Sponge Cake

MAR 15 @ 12:57

by Torilla

Made this beautiful cake this morning and it turned out like this.

Hope it tastes like it looks :yummy:

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MAR 15 @ 13:47

by dawnrigoni


MAR 15 @ 14:01

by Cotty

Im not really a cake person but that looks stunning

MAR 15 @ 14:14

by MsPablo

Very nice.  What is the filling?

MAR 15 @ 14:30

by Torilla

Whipped cream with vanilla sugar and home-made red and black currant jam...


MAR 15 @ 15:27

by minerva

I love a total jam & cream overload! Fabulous, heartattack on a plate, great!big_smile

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