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Smoked mackerel pate

MAR 29 @ 18:30

by loz876

Smoked mackerel pate

I love mackerel, fresh, smoked, soused or even raw. A fantastic fish, full of health giving properties. Fresh mackerel is ideal for grilling whole, drizzled with a little and served with a few new potatoes and a crisp salad. Roasted beetroot and freshly grated horseradish with some barbecued mackerel on a lovely sunny day, perfect!
Its that thought of horseradish that brings me to the smoked mackerel pate. The tangy condiment is a time honoured companion to most smoked fish, but a little word of caution. Be careful how much horseradish you add as some varieties may be punchy than others, too much and you may kill the flavour of the fish!

2 Smoked mackerel fillets (skinned)
4 spring onions
1/2 lemon (zest and juice)
tbsp parsley (finely chopped)
2-3 tbsp double cream
2-3 tsp creamed horseradish
pinch of white pepper

I've made this in a pestle and mortar which produces a slightly coarser texture, than if you use a magimix.You can whizz it all together in a magimix if you prefer a smoother pate.
Finely slice the spring onions and pu into the mortar, add the finely chopped lemon zest along with the smoked mackerel which be broken up into medium sized chunks. Mix everything together using the pestle, the fish will break up more, thats what you want, but not too mushy. Mix in the lemon juice with 2 tsp of both the cream and horseradish and parsley. Have a taste, this is basically where its up to you, You may need more horseradish,cream and lemon so adjust until you have the right tanginess to match the fish. Adjust the seasoning with a little ground white pepper! Pack into a kilner jar and serve as required.


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SEP 12 @ 21:54

by xmastctree

Just ruined it because in the list of ingredients you put tbsp of cream and in fact it's tsp as written in the recipe. Where's the webmaster................................sad

JUN 24 @ 14:26

by libsmum

bit of an exaggeration there, I just wizzed this up in the processor, i put 4 tblsp of cream and it was blurdy lovely !  Really tasty on some toasted seedy bread.  yum, thanks for the recipe wave

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