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Danny's report on the G20 dinner

APR 01 @ 13:33

by Danny

Hi Everyone,

There is so much more to cooking than I ever imagine and this was clearly evident as I speaking with the Chefs and Jamie this morning as they were preparing for the G20 dinner tonight. We have posted up the menu that Jamie has chosen and as you will see the produce is seasonal and very British and we are all really proud of the fact that we have worked with our suppliers at Fifteen to supply the produce for the evening. Jamie and Steve (the Chef from Fifteen who is leading the team with Jamie) both expressed the challenge with making  the menu seasonal as the UK is in between seasons and therefore there was a limited palette of food to choose from. I sat there this morning chatting with Steve as he was cooking the Jersey Royal potatoes and it was quite nerve racking actually as there were no spare Jersey Royals in the whole country! Every one of them that has spouted so far this season was in the pot of boiling water that Steve was carefully taking care of.
I have been with Jamie for quite some time now and have seen him cook for some really important people, however, Jamie said that this is by far the most important meal that he has ever prepared.

It was great to see Jamie working with the apprentices this morning and speaking with him afterwards he expressed how proud he was to have them with him today.  It is also an outstanding opportunity to show the world that Fifteen and the Foundation is alive and kicking and today is also a celebration of all of the hard work that many people have put into making the Foundation the success that it is.

Tonight I will be meeting up with Steve and the apprentices to interview them after the dinner, so keep checking back  on my blog for more information on how the dinner went.  So much preparation has gone into the preparing for the dinner and I am very confident that it will be an outstanding success.

Thanks and regards


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APR 01 @ 13:56

by Sandy

Wow what a great oppourtunity for Jamie and his team cooking for the G20 dinner tonight. Wishing each and everyone of them that everything goes of smoothly.

Looking forward to to reading your blog tomorrow Danny.


APR 01 @ 13:58

by dawnrigoni

Excellent! Danny, thanks for letting us know what's up. I know I speak for everyone when I say I'm proud of Jamie and know he and the Fifteen crew definitely deserved this gig!!!
xo Dawn

APR 01 @ 14:48

by paris7th

Good luck for the dinner tonight! Am looking forward to seeing what you've chosen to cook!

APR 01 @ 16:14

by MsPablo

Danny, how many people will be enjoying this feast?  Thank you, it was interesting reading about the very impressive sources for the ingredients.  Best of luck to the team!

APR 01 @ 17:07

by Aragonwell

Enhorabuena Jamie, eres un fenómeno, me alegro mucho por esta oportunidad. Enseñales a comer bien..... 1 saludo desde Valladolid (España)

APR 01 @ 17:30

by CarolineB

What a great opportunity for Jamie and his gang! Good luck to you! thumbsup
And of course thanks to Danny for keeping us up-to-date! smile

APR 01 @ 18:35

by bcrain

Break a leg guys!

APR 01 @ 21:58

by maddimouse

Just came back home and am checking on any news now. Been thinking about Jamie and his team all day!!

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