Jamie Oliver

Anniversary Cake

APR 01 @ 14:38

by JennyR

My cake making skills were put to the test once again, this time a gluten free fruit cake for a friends anniversary party.  Was a little worried as hadn't really worked with gluten free before much but it went down well in the end.

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APR 01 @ 16:16

by Despina33

Wow!!  Beautiful!!  thumbsup

APR 01 @ 17:13

by Mamma Carla

That's really beautiful! My compliments!

APR 01 @ 17:26

by dawnrigoni

Gorgeous! I've been asked to make the wedding cake for a cousin this August and I'm already nervous.

APR 01 @ 18:04

by mummza

That's a very clever cake Jenny , very effective thumbsup

APR 02 @ 07:56

by The White Rabbit

Looks great, would you share the gluten free cake recipe for us? Did you make the icing from scratch? some bought icings have glucose from wheat in them

OCT 09 @ 12:05

by JennyR

Sorry White Rabbit, never saw your request.  I couldn't find a gluten free fruit cake recipe so just used my normal recipe and substituted with gluten free flour and extra liquid. It worked o.k but if doing again I would also substitute some of the flour with ground almonds I think.

As for the icing I didn't realise that! But no ill effects suffered by the recipient so must hve been o.k. whistle

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