Jamie Oliver

King Prawn and Pea Risotto with Poached Fish

APR 16 @ 21:22

by pennysaints

I was uncertain if you were able to use milk when making a risotto. The answer is a resounding yes.
. As I had had a bargain and bought 2 salmon fillets, 2 cod and 2 haddock for a few pence, I decided to poach these in 1.2 litres of semi skimmed milk with peppercorns and bay leaves, for about 6 minutes then use the liquor for the risotto.  I made Jamies basic risotto recipe, but adjusted the recipe for 6 people, so used 500g of rice, but added 1 glass of wine and 1 extra dry martini. Then made the milk left from the poaching back up to 1.2litres and added 1 each knorr chicken and fish stock cubes to the heated milk. Everything else was as his recipe, except at the end of cooking I added 300g of cooked large prawns and frozen peas that I had blanched. then 1/2 tub of mascarpone cheese and finely chopped parsley and lemon thyme.
To finish the dish I griddled 1 queen scallop per person and asparagus, and flaked the poached fish over the top! Served with a fresh herb salad.
Looks great too!

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