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Babotie Curry

MAY 07 @ 15:03

by pennysaints

I took all the recipes that 'Venus' had posted on the Babotie Curry topic by Danny, and with a couple of changes made them last night!
I followed her recipe for the curry in all but a couple of ingredients. The only reason for the change was as a result of having a new kitchen fitted last month, I had cleared out my larder.  So as a replacement for apricots I used dates and also pecan nuts instead of almonds, the final addition was a large tblsp of homemade apple chutney.Many of the babatie recipes I have seen have had either chutney or vinegar added, so I decided to use the chutney!
The rice I followed to the letter and it was so good, we all decided to make it a regular feature of my curry nights.
The whole meal was delicious and will become something i do regularly. It had a massive thumbs up from us all, so much so, that I had none left for anyone else to taste after, much to their disgust!
If you love curries, try it, you'll love it!!!!!!!!!!! The only thing I would do differently by the way, is to add 3 tblsp of curry powder as opposed to 2!!!!!!!

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MAY 08 @ 02:03

by Luvmegrub

That looks fab Penny.  It's on my list of dishes to try but I think I will have to wait until I'm having a "girls night" as my OH doesn't like curries with anything sweet added (crazy man) but I love them.

APR 01 @ 10:58

by mleilani

hi all, I'm planning a curry night in a couple of weeks and want to make something traditional and from scratch. Only need to make a dish, guests are going to bring a  dish to share but being Aussie we dont tend to eat a lot of curries so my knowledge and skill factors are limited. All suggestions are welcome. Also, what are the best wines to serve with a curry?

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