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Bing - giving the public what they want!

MAY 16 @ 13:37

by Singwhenyoubing

You asked for it, no,you demanded it so here it is,exclusive to my JO friends - the one and only mankini shot!
Enjoy! thumbsup

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MAY 16 @ 13:42

by Allora Andiamo

lollolLMAO and here was me thinking you were really gonna do it whistle i even stopped cleaning to make sure i didn't miss it lol

MAY 16 @ 19:04

by maddimouse

My jaw almost hit the floor when I read your post on the thread, bing!!! lollollol So I guess itīs up to us now to follow you, eh?
Oh dear.... lol

MAY 16 @ 19:24

by mummza

Oh Bing lol you are bonkers.. and  that does look uncomfortable .

MAY 16 @ 21:13

by minerva

...................& just look at the chest rug (!) & the cheeky face!

MAY 16 @ 21:14

by minerva

............I can see the shoes................I wonder where he keeps his socks! shocked

MAY 17 @ 00:37

by JoyYamDaisy

But I haven't even had breakfast yet!

MAY 17 @ 03:20

by JC85

thatīs more like it!

I knew we could count on your generosity bing...

lucky choccie!! lol

MAY 17 @ 11:19

by shammrok


MAY 17 @ 12:54

by morwenna


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