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Bing's B'day Breakfast!

JUN 03 @ 23:56

by Singwhenyoubing

...As served by Choc Chops.

Hot Belgian waffles,drizzled with golden syrup. Surrounded by fresh Organic strawberries,pineapple,melon & apple chunks with a heart shaped arrangement of cherries on top. All coated with grated Belgian chocolate. Served with chilled pink champagne & more strawberries.

VERY nice and a fantastic start to a great birthday.

Thanks for a brilliant day hun & thanks also to all who contributed to Shammy's Birthday thread for me.


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JUN 04 @ 00:16

by Luvmegrub

Awww, the way to a man's heart!

Looks delicious.

JUN 04 @ 01:17

by choc chops

Glad you enjoyed it, not much cooking involved but it was a lovely breakfast! thumbsup

JUN 04 @ 11:54

by Captain C

Looks delish thumbsup

JUN 04 @ 18:40

by mummza

thumbsupthumbsupGlad you had a good birthday big_smile

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