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Halawa Valley

JUN 11 @ 21:51

by wildly organic

See that little 24 ft Boston Whaler? We WENT through THAT surf
CHANGED my life.

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JUN 12 @ 06:18

by Luvmegrub

Still keeping it wild then!!

Looking forward to seeing more of your pics and hearing how you enjoyed your time in Australia.  I was thinking about you and hoping you missed the terrible weather.  We got a lot of rain in Coffs Harbour but also 2 good days smile

JUN 12 @ 12:11

by Despina33

That's amazing!

JUN 19 @ 17:37

by wildly organic

yeah we had just missed the floods in coffs and also had alot of rain while there
queensland was glorious sun thoughsmile

JAN 03 @ 02:20

by MsPablo

Very impressive, gorgeous photo!

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