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Stuffed Pumpkin for a Challenge!

JUL 16 @ 12:13

by JoyYamDaisy

Well, I did it, and it made a yummy dinner. I also had the panbread I will put up next, but this really is a meal on its own... and there is another 7 meals in it after this one!
I want to do it again and get the balance and preparation even better, but I am pleased, and delighted at having it in my repertoire because it is easy and delicious and so impressive too.

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JUL 16 @ 12:38

by lanto1

Looks gorgeous. How long did you cook the pumpkin halves for in the oven?
And did you cook the inside mixture with the pumpkin in the oven, or did you scoop out some pumpkin when it was cooked and then add the mixture?

(i would love to try this for myself!)

JUL 16 @ 12:55

by JoyYamDaisy

This is the original Lauren:
http://www.jamieoliver.com/recipes/vege … ton-squash
I was worried I hadn't scraped enough out of my pumpkin, but it was beautifully cooked in the time. The rice and sundried tomato weren't as well cooked, so I need to adjust that next time!wave

JUL 16 @ 13:41

by shammrok

That is a lovely dish Joy thumbsup

So many choices.wink

OCT 27 @ 18:06

by mr spice

Thanks for that tip. I'll definitely be trying it soon!thumbsup

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