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Lamb with herbs and Black pepper

JUL 21 @ 11:05

by JC85

Hi guys!

This is my first attempt to show something I have cooked.
The pic is rubbish becos it was taken with a mobile phone and the lights of the room didn't help at all.

This black pepper lamb curry was taken from a curry book we have and it is one of the most delicious curries we have ever tasted!


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JUL 21 @ 11:27

by shammrok

Looks good JC thumbsup

The first of many I hope wave

JUL 21 @ 12:00

by JC85

Hey Sham!

I do hope so as well! hehehe
Now that I am back home, my cooking fire has returned and I'm ready to rock and roll hehehe

I just need to get a decent camera now, cos taking pics with a mobile phone is soooo not good! LOL


JUL 21 @ 13:59

by JoyYamDaisy

Most impressed by the lovely rice tower. Asmilend curry and rice - one of the worlds great combinations!

JUL 21 @ 15:07

by Captain C

Check out you and your presentation !

JUL 22 @ 12:56

by JC85

hehehe the rice tower is easy to do! Just fill any cup you want with rice and turn it on the plate! heheh  **** my secret is now out! :P

JUL 26 @ 05:22

by frizz1974

Hey thats my seceret too. Oh well. I have sent you an email requesting the recipe from you if you can be bothered to type it up.. please? Pretty please?

JUL 26 @ 10:53

by JC85

Yes sure hun!
I will post it in a sec.

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