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The best basic bread...

AUG 01 @ 13:30

by dukegus

... I can make till this moment!

I got bored of the no-knead bread, you can't control much I think. You can get better breads with more hydration with other recipes. I'll give you the last I'm using and works amazing for me. It's for sourdough but can do it with yeast too.

100% flour                 500gr
70%  water                350gr
2%    salt                   10gr
10-20% ripe starter      50-100gr

All in a bowl except salt, leave to autolyse for 30 min. Then add salt and hand knead for 5 min with the slap technique

When gluten is a bit strong I put in well oiled bowl and then I fold a couple of times at 45 min and 1 1.2 hours so gluten can get stronger like that

After 10 min rest I shape(once or twice) and put in a bowl that I have on top attached a towel(like the french baskets for bread) and leave in the fridge to "don't remember the word" for the night. If I'm in a hurry I leave at room temp.

When proofed I bake at 220C for 40-45min. Always comes out amazing. My latest addition is powdered fenugreek seeds(1-2 grams).

I think that's about it!  thumbsup

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AUG 01 @ 14:48

by madamada

thank you dukegus for this superb loaf you share with us and all the information you generously pass on ............... this is the attitude of good bakers and not onlythumbsupbig_smilewave

AUG 01 @ 18:12

by dukegus

smile Thx bella, anything I learn I will happily share it! I didn't have much time lately but now I have a bit more!

I have said it a couple of times, but this forum(and the internet) is to learn from each other and that really works!

AUG 01 @ 21:59

by marcedvr

thanks for sharing, i love to baked bread...wave

AUG 02 @ 15:16

by madamada

I'll pass it on to my son in law who experments steadily breads and focaccethumbsupbig_smilewave

AUG 04 @ 01:48

by dukegus

Once more I'll say that you must use strong flour, I have tried with plain and it was really difficult, too wet!

AUG 04 @ 03:26

by Despina33

Dukegus what is 5-10% ripe starter      50-100gr?

AUG 13 @ 01:29

by dukegus

Despina it is 50-100gr starter that is fully active, which you can call it ripe. 5-10 is a wrong percent, you are right, the right percent is 10-20% smile

AUG 18 @ 22:13

by cilly

you are very clever!thumbsup

SEP 14 @ 08:41

by macinino

You are a good baker wink sometimes I use the folding technique too for my bread... depending by the kind of bread that I want to make smile I saw also your latest link....shockedshockedshockedbig_smilebig_smilebig_smile  very very very beautiful..... It's  great. compliments.

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