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AUG 13 @ 01:39

by dukegus

Well this is my favorite crostini! The quality of the ingredients is very crusial so we need very good quality buffalo mozzarela and your own grown tomatoes(or the neighbors, uncles...anyone's). The chilis should be pickled too because it needs the extra acidity but fresh ones do fine too!

Slices of good light sourdough bread, toasted on gridle pan or bbq
1 garlic clove
Basil pesto
Good tomatoes deseeded and sliced
Buffalo mozzarella
Pickled chillis
Extra virgin olive oil

Bread rubbed with garlic, a thin layer of pesto, tomato slice, mozzarella, finely sliced chilli, extra virgin olive oil.

It's a very nice combo and though I didin't find it on the internet, I think that everyone has tried it. The lovely thing is the crispy bread in comtrast with the toping. The salty pesto, the sweet tomatoes, the creamy mozzarella and the bit acidic and hot chilli! God I love this appetizer!!


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AUG 13 @ 04:28

by JoyYamDaisy

The simpler the recipe, the more perfect the ingredients must be. This looks perfect!smile

AUG 13 @ 09:11

by madamada

crostini da Oscar, da Nobel prize, da dukegusthumbsup

I'm content with the one in the background a little fading awaywinklol

AUG 13 @ 10:36

by dukegus

HoyYamDaisy if you have never tried it plz do! It's amazing! It's a bit difficult to get a perfect ballance between the pesto-tomato-mozzarella and chilli but one's you get it you will know it! But if you don't get the perfect ballance, that's ok, it still is very very good!

Mada you make me blush yikesops:big_smile
Sometimes, well most of the times, I wish I was Italian! God I love your food smile

SEP 21 @ 20:26

by runneralps

i like it much

SEP 22 @ 22:00

by dukegus

Cheers runner, hope you try it wink

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