Jamie Oliver

semi-dried tomatoes.

AUG 14 @ 17:32

by mummza

I know that this is a bit of a funny oldfashioned cooking tray , but I have been using that pyrex sheet for years ! Its one of the most useful of kitchen items !

On it in the photo we have some semi-dried tomatoes that I had done to add to salad leaves.
I do like them still slightly warm.
You can see 2 types of tiny tomatoes , some have been sprinkled with thyme.

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AUG 14 @ 19:49

by jutta73

You must be somewhere with sunshine. I don't think we've had enough sunshine in London to attempt such a feat! lol

AUG 14 @ 21:56

by madamada

I think I could do that, if I could see how you prepare all that, tll us something more in detail, it must be the simplest oldest way of storing .......... but also the most laboriosahmm stressing

I keep thinking I have to take them out and in every night, then I think to the flies going around and the ants ............. and do not dare, may be next year, but all this year's sun wastedbig_smilesad

AUG 15 @ 02:25

by JoyYamDaisy

Lovely lovely lovely!

AUG 15 @ 13:33

by mummza

oh no , I have given you the wrong impression by putting the oven tray on the grass
I semi-dried the tomatoes in a warm oven !!!

AUG 16 @ 15:29

by madamada

I'm going to blog my halved little tomatoes and is thank to your pic that I dicovered this can be done, I knew it before but there is always someone who gives you the hint to do something new
grazie mummza from Italy to the land of songbig_smilewave

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