Jamie Oliver

Cheese Crisps

AUG 21 @ 23:07

by ljbritt50

2 cups ( 500 ml ) hard or semi-hard cheese with low sodium content

Grate the cheese.

Heat a crepe pan, griddle or frying pan to medium heat. Sprinkle the grated cheese in a single layer onto the hot surface. Allow to cook for several minutes. The cheese will melt into a disk ( make it small for individual chips or larger for a single large chip to be cut into wedges ). As it cooks, the oil will rend out of the cheese. Drain it off carefully, if necessary. When the crisp moves readily on the surface, flip it over with a lifter. They're slippery, so you may have to use a fork to help hold the crisp as you flip. Cook for a few minutes on the second side. Flip the cooked crisp onto paper towel and cut into wedges immediately, if you are making the large crisp. Allow to cool.

These crisp are excellent with salsa, smoked salmon, seafood dips or apple sauce. They are hard and salty. The higher the sodium content, the saltier they are. I used a Gouda with 4% sodium and it was excellent. Cheddar has a much higher salt content and the crisps are accordingly saltier.

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