Jamie Oliver

Cheese Crisps

AUG 21 @ 23:08

by ljbritt50

See the previous entry for the recipe and another photo.

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AUG 22 @ 10:20

by JoyYamDaisy

These looks wonderful and so tasty! I have a recipe for smaller ones made with grated parmesan and pine nuts!smile

AUG 22 @ 17:00

by ljbritt50

That sounds interesting too! I must try it ... I assume you just grind the pine nuts?

AUG 28 @ 18:07

by ljbritt50

Thank you for the suggestion JoyYamDaisy! I didn't have any pine nuts, so I used Pistachio nuts instead. I paired them with a low sodium smoked gouda. The results were mouth wateringly good!

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