Jamie Oliver

Chicken Tikka Masala

SEP 07 @ 11:52

by dukegus


It's the first curry I ever made and tasted. It is amazing. Curries are not at all common here in Greece. When I have friends and want to share a different taste I make this curry. thumbsup

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SEP 07 @ 11:56



SEP 07 @ 11:59

by shammrok

Your dish looks fabulous, Dukegus thumbsup

SEP 07 @ 20:40

by dukegus

Thx for the comments, if you follow the recipe it tastes amazing too! I'm new to curries and I don't make them very often but I loved the taste of it from the first bite smile

Food is so different all over the world, amazingly different, like traveling in another country, another time... Can you really taste everything???

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