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Versatile BBQ

SEP 08 @ 09:46

by Toby Shea

I have recently been interviewed by BBQ Hereford and Worcester about Charcoal vs. gas. Let me make it clear gas is not real BBQ. You cannot achieve the same texture and taste on gas as you can slow cooking over charcoal. Gas is a means for people to move their kitchen appliances outside on a sunny day which is why Australians would have a gas “grill” next to their Weber.

For competitions one of the most versatile BBQ’s is by a company called Pro Q www.probbq.co.uk
They offer a selection of 3 in 1 BBQs, this is not a sales pitch just my humble opinion as they are used widely within the competition circuit.

With the Excel for example you can Grill, roast or smoke food. It has probe thermometer eyelet fitted at each cooking level. Fish/ meat hanger included. 65lbs cooking capacity (do up to 8 whole chickens at a time). Accurate temperature gauge.

With its modular design you can grill or smoke in one unit and increase capacity easily by adding an extra stacker.

Weber have the original version of this style of BBQ the Smokey Mountain, there are key differences between the 2, Weber for example is porcelain coated which means it will last longer, the disadvantages are that it has a single body which means it is not as versatile, it is also lacking thermometer probe holes and lack of vents means minimal temp control.

One of our members has recently converted a water tank trailer into a BBQ picture and write up will appear shortly.

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