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A loyal Fan :)

SEP 09 @ 09:11

by Jamies-Ministry

How about this then proving im a die hard fan of Jamie's 4 books and the Jamie at home dvd
(full series) lol
just checking out the site today will post lots as well i expect
also im getting 2 of the Beatles albums today
Magical Mystery Tour and Sargent Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band Albumbig_smile

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SEP 09 @ 11:07

by JoyYamDaisy

What a suitable first blog! Lovely collection! And enjoy your Beatles too!smile

SEP 09 @ 11:51

by Jamies-Ministry

Thanks JoyYamdaisythumbsup
i will do and have a lovely day yourself

SEP 09 @ 13:17

by Despina33

Nice collection!  smile

SEP 12 @ 01:20

by The White Rabbit

I see your 4 books and raise you all of his books (including the little penguin one I picked up in london) but jamie's america. I also raise your jamie at home dvd with all three naked chef series, oliver's twist and jamie at home.

SEP 12 @ 11:52

by Jamies-Ministry

a fellow player thumbsup

SEP 24 @ 16:28

by Jamies-Ministry

big_smile I have now increased my collection
to 7 books & 3 dvd`slol

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