Jamie Oliver

The rude scaffolders have left at last

SEP 09 @ 12:08

by Jamies-Ministry

Oh my goodness how can some people be so disrespectfulroll

they (well 1 of them) was so utterly horrid in his general manner clearly no idea of curtsy etc

(must think he`s out on a friday night with all the other cavemen) neanderthallol

must leave cave drawings for him next time wink

oh dear look sad his knuckles must of scraped on the ground when he left.


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SEP 10 @ 01:04

by Despina33


SEP 10 @ 01:47

by Luvmegrub

What were you getting done JM?

SEP 10 @ 18:44

by Jamies-Ministry

smile the scaffolding got put up for the other workers next week too start putting a new fascia at the front of the house as the old 1 had asbestos.

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