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The most versatile stationary BBQ in the world

SEP 10 @ 16:09

by Toby Shea

Pit Cooking
For competitions mobile BBQ’s are a must, but for our Society social this year I built a pit out of 9” hollow concrete blocks. I wanted to achieve a way of cooking that was central to the community spirit of the group.

The menu for the weekend was as follows
Friday Evening
Approximately 40 Rib eye steaks, cut just over 1” thick, Jacket potatoes hung in a squirrel trap over the coals.

Full English Breakfast. The obligatory burgers and sausages for the kids during the day and a whole lamb cooked over the pit for the evening.  If you are thinking of doing this, its very easy, but make sure you have some U bolts to fix the backbone of the lamb to the pole you use, they are not stocked by DIY shops as I discovered on the Saturday morning.

Bacon Sandwiches, (I noticed a few steaks being thrown on for good measure)  and for the evening (I had dispatched 6 of our free range chicken 2 days before and left them hanging) the kids plucked the chickens while we rubbed 2 in a bbq rub, 2 in salt and pepper and tandori on the last pair. We also cooked a brisket on the lower level of the pit and a couple of pizzas with a bowl over for the kids in the evening just to find out how versatile this set up was.

The weekend was a huge success, it was great just throwing food on the BBQ over the weekend and everyone having a go. 

This weekend is the Beer & BBQ Festival at the White Hart public house in Tongham, Surrey, I will be updating the blog and forum nightly with info and pics.

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SEP 10 @ 17:20

by Despina33

that looks amazing!

SEP 10 @ 19:59

by marcedvr

great pic! that's make me hungrybig_smile

SEP 11 @ 04:09

by Luvmegrub

What a fantastic weekend.  The weather even seems to have been kind!

Thanks for posting.  Wish I could have a nice crispy lump of meat from that whole lamb .. mmmm

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