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My juicing and Smoothie Making day :D

SEP 22 @ 11:28

by Jamies-Ministry

Helloooo well it had to come the long awaited day of juicing which was yesterday and oh my goodness lol i started at 9am and finished at 11.30amwhistle  lol
yes it took ages simply because of all the ingredients and in fact it looked like jamies kitchen after a long session (less well organised of course) thumbsup
there were peaches, apricots. sweet potato, bananas, oranges, ginger, to name a few things it looked like the battle of the Baltic (kitchen version)
all i will say though is go very easy on the ginger wink you could fuel the space shuttle if you add too much lol

Anyway the 1st of my Juices are Apple, apricot & peach juice (picture included above)
Makes 200ml (7fl oz)

3 apricots
1 peach
2 apples ice (optional)

Have & stone the peach & apricots juice the apples with the apricots & peach.
Transfer the juice to a food processor or blender, add the few ice cubes & process for 10 secs.
pour the juice into a glass, decorate with peach slices if you like and serve.

More recipes coming up thumbsup

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