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Homemade Cranberry Vodka

OCT 24 @ 21:41

by TiraMisuSH

So I have been traveling a bit recently and went up to Boonton, NJ to visit one of my best friends, Lauryn. She took me about 5 blocks from Times Square to this hole in the wall restaurant called The Russian Samovar. Lets just say this place is AMAZING! You can buy 3 different sizes of carafes for any of their flavored vodkas. They also let you sample any of the vodkas for free so you can decide what you want instead of buying a shot of it. Anyway, we got 1 liter of cranberry vodka and a whole bunch of authentic Russian food I can't pronounce (at some point I am going to try to recreate one of these dishes). The liter of vodka is $80 which is actually really affordable, $20 a person for about 8 shots.

This vodka is amazing because its made with cheap vodka and tastes like Grey Goose/Ketel One/ZYR/Belvedere. How so? Well the tart, sweetness of the cranberries seriously covers up the rough taste of the vodka, creating what feels like a smooth tasty vodka.

I couldn't stop thinking, dreaming, talking about this vodka for 2 weeks after I got back home. So Jon finally broke down and said I need to attempt to remake this heavenly drink.

I noticed MANY recipes tell you to stick your cranberries in a pan with water and sugar but that's not how its made at the Russian Samovar, Its not sweet from sugar but from the fruit itself. Next to the point we asked and they told us its pure vodka infused with whatever product is listed on the menu.

Here is my version which so far is really developing well. Its not finished yet but this is how I created mine.

Buy a cheap 750 ml bottle of vodka. (I bought Svedka.)
2 bags of cranberries
an empty rinsed out bottle of juice (mine was cranberry and 96 fl oz.)

Take your cranberries and pick through each and everyone for mushy or rotten cranberries. Wash off all the good cranberries in water then place a handful at a time on a paper plate. Take a sturdy glass cup and start to mash the cranberries up, you'll know when they mash because they make this popping noise. When each batch is finished "popping" pour them into the the empty bottle. It seems tedious to pick through buts its really worth it.
Pour the vodka in and shake it up.
Shake it a few times a week.
Keep this up for about 3 weeks. Try it every once in a while to see how its coming so you can see the transformation.

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OCT 25 @ 01:31

by JoyYamDaisy


OCT 25 @ 17:23

by minerva

Why not check out the forums for other tasty versions of this kind of drink......
.....there are so many combos you could try.

Sloe Gin
Blackberry Whisky
Rhubarb Ratafia
Strawberry Vodka

......................the list goes on!

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