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Boneless Pork Recipe - Pork Bafat Cooked in Tagine

OCT 26 @ 16:44

by rgiggs11

Be warned - this boneless pork recipe is not for the faint hearted! Hot and spicy addicts will drool over this boneless pork recipe. This pork bafat recipe originates from Mangalore in south western India. The marinade powder is a powerful mixture of dry red chillies and spices.

The marinated boneless pork is then slow cooked in a tagine with green chillies that dissolve to become the spicy dry mix. Vinegar and tamarind paste are added to give a tangy sourish kick that will set your tastebuds on overdrive.

In place of a tagine, you can also use a karhai or casserole pot to slow cook the pork. At the end of the cooking process in the tagine, the pork is so tender and juicy and simply melts in your mouth.
Find out more about tagine cooking at www.easy-meal-ideas.com/tagine-cooking.html

What you need

1.5kg boneless pork leg or shoulder, cut into 1 inch cubes

20 red Kashmiri (or dried) chillies
2 tsp coriander (cilantro) seeds
1 tsp cumin seeds
1/2 tsp ground tumeric
10 black peppercorns
2 Tb tamarind puree
2 Tb oil
2 large onions diced into 3cm (1 1/4 inch) squares
2cm (3/4inch) piece of cinnamon
6 greeen chillies, slit lengthwise into halves
4 cloves
2cm (3/4inch) piece of cinnamon stick pounded roughly
1 tablespoon dark vinegar (or Balsamic vinegar)
3 garlic cloves finely chopped
1 green chilli, seeded, finely sliced lengthwise for garnishing

How to make it

Dry-roast the Kashmiri chillies, coriander seeds, cumin seeds, ground tumeric and peppercorns until aromatic.
Ground the roasted mixture to a fine powder using a spice grinder or pastel and mortar.
Mix all the roasted ground ingredients with the tamarind and meat and marinate well into the meat.
Cover and leave in the refrigerator for 2 hours.
Heat the oil in the tagine over high heat (karhai or casserole pot can also be used in place of tagine)
Add the meat to the hot oil in batches and brown all over.
Return all the meat to the pan, then add the onion, ginger, chilli, cloves and cinnamon.
Stir  thoroughly and mix with the boneless pork cubes.
Reduce the heat to low and cook for about 20 minutes.
Add the garlic, vinegar and 200ml water and cook in tagine with cover on for 1 to 1 1/4 hours, until the pork is very tender.
Season with salt to taste.
Cook until the oil seperates from the spice mixture, which indicates the meat is ready.
Garnish with the sliced green chilli before serving.

Serves 6

Serve this spicy pork dish with steaming hot white rice or with bread such as baguette slices. The hot spicy mix makes an excellent dip for the bread.

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