Porchetta di Testa...ready for the pot

OCT 26 @ 19:31

by cannyfradock

Method. Bone and roll a pigs head, marinate for48hrs, cook gently for14hrs, then chill for 2 days.....then carve. This is the halfway stage, just before the wrapping and cooking prosess.

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OCT 27 @ 00:02

by Luvmegrub

canny, you are an expert with the string, look how neat that is!

Dying to hear the end results of this project.

APR 15 @ 16:33

by cannyfradock

I've posted something on You Tube which give's a better view of the whole process...

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ptWMvRc2 … xS1qb7zY0=


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