Jamie Oliver

Porchetta di Testa....Finished result.

OCT 28 @ 20:01

by cannyfradock

From pig's head to sliced meat........only took me 7 weeks.

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OCT 28 @ 20:27

by MsPablo

Congratulations!  That is so pretty.  Do you think you'll do this project again?whistle

OCT 28 @ 22:11

by cannyfradock

Errrr.......No!! But it was a challenge which I enjoyed. (Porchetta di Testa thread)

OCT 28 @ 22:29

by mr spice

Well done!
I give you 10 for perseverence and a job well done!thumbsup

OCT 29 @ 00:44

by Luvmegrub

Great end result.  What did you think of the flavour?

Now I'm waiting to see what you'll try next.

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