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Toulouse Sausage Casserole

NOV 07 @ 09:32

by easyteas

I made this after two hours standing at a rather cold and rainy rugby match, spurred on by the need for something rich, warming and appropriately autumnal.

I’m using Toulouse sausages because that’s what looked good at the market this week. In the past we’ve used Lincolnshire and Cumberland – any good, meaty, well-flavoured sausage will work.

First brown the sausages in a little oil. I used a stove-friendly casserole to keep it a one-pot dish. While they’re cooking you can chop an onion and some veg. I used peppers, carrots and what I thought was a round courgette but turned out to be some sort of squash. Mushrooms would have gone in too if I’d remembered to buy them.

Once the sausages have sealed, remove to a clean dish. Into the pan go the veggies and a clove of chopped garlic which you fry for a few minutes then put a lid on the pan, turn down the heat and let them sweat for about 10 mins. This concentrates the flavour of the veg and starts to form the sauce.

Next pour in a glug of booze. I had a bottle of red wine open so that was it.  It needs to cook out for about 5 mins. Stir in a squirt of tomato puree and some herbs – a bay leaf and some chopped sage and rosemary.

Add a tin of tomatoes and enough stock to cover the veg and sausages. I used a chicken bouillon cube, but beef or veg both work.

Once it gets back to the boil, pop a lid on and into the oven it goes for about an hour at 150C.

We ate it with mash and runner beans. Cockles duly warmed

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NOV 07 @ 10:18

by Allora Andiamo

you can't beat a lovely sausage casserole on a cold and rainy day thumbsup yours looks delicious smile

NOV 08 @ 01:13

by JoyYamDaisy

Perfect for the cockles of the heart!

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