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Sunken Apple Cake

NOV 08 @ 11:46

by CarolineB

This is our sunday treat. smile

We "celebrate" a very German tradition today (like almost every sunday): Kaffeeklatsch. My mother and her partner will come around at 3.00 p.m., so I prepared big brother of the apple cake recipe I posted on foodwise the other day:
http://www.jamieoliver.com/foodwise/art … hp?id=3032

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NOV 08 @ 12:11

by Madalina_B

Beautiful! I like very much aplle cakesmile

NOV 08 @ 18:34

by madamada

there is an apple cake by Caroline with apples cut like these potatoes ..........lol I thought I had misread apples for poatoes

this what I posted on Victoria's poatoes blog post

beautiful cakethumbsupthumbsupthumbsupwavebig_smile

NOV 08 @ 19:44

by CarolineB


NOV 08 @ 21:19

by VictoriaD

lol Your cake looks delicious Caroline! I still have lots of apples in the garden, so I hope there will be time next week to try it! thumbsupwave

NOV 09 @ 13:48

by morwenna

Wow your hasselback apples look great! smile

NOV 09 @ 18:43

by CarolineB

Now you´ve got me there! lol I did not know about hasselback pots... whistle
Just googled it and: they look gorgeous. A potato recipe to try soon...

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