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Bournemouth Students Pass It On shoot

NOV 16 @ 16:10

by Alex G

Bournemouth Students Pass It On

I guess this is something that was spurred on from seeing my housemates and friends enjoying my cooking, and asking what's in the dish or can I teach them how to make it, combine that with my degree (television production) and it's only natural that I would want to make a cooking video. I had recently recieved Jamie's Ministry of Food book for my birthday and the recipes in there are ideal for the budget, and level of know how that make it easily accessible for other students to get stuck in. So me and some fellow coursemates got some kit, and in a few weeks I will be able to show you the result, of what is hopefully the first of several videos to help Bournemouth students (and students all over) to pass it on wink

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NOV 16 @ 18:05

by mr spice

Great idea Alex...I used to cook for all my housemates when I was a student, they didn't learn much but I never had to wash uplol

NOV 17 @ 00:06

by JoyYamDaisy

All the best for this wonderful venture!
My daughter is moving into a house with two other students. She can cook, but they are only capable of making 2 minute noodles.

NOV 17 @ 02:02

by Luvmegrub

Fantastic Alex thumbsup

NOV 20 @ 06:57

by Garbonzo

Great idea man!!!!!!!!!! Is it tasty!

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