Jamie Oliver

Grilled veggies and twice baked potatoes

NOV 21 @ 07:13

by runwestierun

I love carrots and asparagus on the BBQ.  And
               The potato's so nice
               I baked it twice!
                           ------------a poem by RWR

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NOV 21 @ 11:53

by JoyYamDaisy

How did you get such long thin carrots to match the asparagus?

NOV 21 @ 18:58

by runwestierun

They are from Whole Foods, you can buy them young and skinny there.  My friend Karen calls the store "Whole Paycheck".  You pay for the difference.

NOV 22 @ 01:38

by JoyYamDaisy

I think it might be worth it! They look marvelous!

NOV 22 @ 20:28

by VictoriaD

I like the carrots aswell - and your baked potatoes look fantastic! Yummy!

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