Jamie Oliver

Weed Burner

NOV 25 @ 07:49

by runwestierun

This metal cage is tied onto a long pole, so I can stay safely away from the flame.  Can you see how the cage is red-hot by the weed burner?  These peppers are nearly done!

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NOV 25 @ 21:02

by mrpab

that is brilliant RWR! I've been wanting to get a look at that thing, thanks for posting and careful not to melt anything!

NOV 26 @ 00:52

by Luvmegrub

So ..... no chance of setting a bush fire round your way RWR? lol

NOV 26 @ 10:31

by Ashen

That is too sweet RWR...  must be nice for starting the charcoal smoker too smile)

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