The neighbor's cows are eating my yard again!

NOV 25 @ 09:14

by runwestierun

Our neighbors have a "fence" made of everything but fence and their cows are always getting out and eating my yard.  Sputnik barks at them and they run down the driveway like giggling teenage girls.

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NOV 25 @ 09:22

by rhianna899

How cheeky mrgreen

NOV 25 @ 14:04

by minerva

There's an answer to this if you really are hacked off with the damage...............send the owners/neighbours the bill!

Too many of those & a fence starts looking like the cheaper option!

NOV 25 @ 15:15

by MsPablo

I'd ask for some free milk and butter in exchange.  Awesome blog Westie!

NOV 25 @ 15:18

by bcrain

lol The grass is greener on the other side you know!

NOV 25 @ 16:31

by Kye

Do they do a lot of damage? It's cheaper than a lawn mowerbig_smile

NOV 25 @ 20:14

by runwestierun

The new husband bagged up some poop and left it with a note, "This fell out of your cow."lol

NOV 26 @ 01:53

by JoyYamDaisy


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