Jamie Oliver


DEC 06 @ 14:29

by dukegus

The dough is 70% hydration and made with my classic bread recipe but with baker's yeast(it's easier). Shaping is the most important thing and this video was really helpful

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DEC 06 @ 14:53

by Despina33

GORGEOUS!!!!!!!  smile

DEC 06 @ 15:06

by dukegus

Hope you try the basic recipe, no-knead started me baking too but it needs a bit more love and cared to get better smile
http://www.jamieoliver.com/bloggers/vie … p?id=49435

DEC 06 @ 17:57

by madamada

these are great breads dukegusthumbsup
thank you for the links very very useful and inteestingwavewave

DEC 07 @ 13:37

by Kye

Delice, bravobig_smilewave

DEC 07 @ 14:20

by dukegus

Thx for the comments, hope you try it or just bread baking!

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