Jamie Oliver


DEC 06 @ 14:31

by dukegus

A quite difficult bread because it's very wet. Mine was 85% hydration and was eaten topped with grilled summer vegetables.

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DEC 06 @ 17:37

by Despina33

look at all the air holes in the bread.  Do you have the recipe for it?

DEC 06 @ 17:56

by madamada

http://www.jamieoliver.com/foodwise/art … hp?id=1455

is this you have done dukegus????

DEC 07 @ 00:15

by JoyYamDaisy


DEC 07 @ 14:19

by dukegus

@mada I remember you giving me this recipe!! The most important thing is a well developed gluten, which bakers do it with those HUGE mixers! I have to slap the dough sooooooooo many times! This recipe is soooo difficult to handle because it's so wet dough. I had something like 80+% hydration.

@Despoina it's my best basic bread recipe with more water added while kneading the dough with the slap technique. The trick is to encorporate the water after the gluten is developed, if I try it before I find it much more difficult.

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