Jamie Oliver

Homemade dry cured pancetta

DEC 06 @ 14:45

by dukegus

without nitrate or nitrite or any additive smile

The recipe is quite simple, you buy a fresh local pork belly. You cured it with salt and sugar for 1 week at 5C. Any addition of spicies or dried herbs is welcome. After that you clean it thoroughly and put it in water for 12 hours to remove excess salt. Then dry it in the fridge or tied and hanged in temperature 5-12 C.

This was quite helpful.

Now I'm curing some beef to make something we call "pasturma" in greece, it's cured in salt for 1 week and then you put around it a wet mixture of mainly sweet paprika and fenu greek seeds.

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DEC 06 @ 22:45

by MsPablo

This is a great idea.  Looks wonderful!

DEC 07 @ 14:15

by dukegus

Hope you tried MsPablo, it's easy and delicious!

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