Jamie Oliver

Another bread

DEC 06 @ 14:49

by dukegus

which was scored from one side to the other

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DEC 06 @ 14:52

by Despina33

we are on the same wavelength  amazing!!

DEC 06 @ 15:07

by dukegus

We are Despoina lol Though my pics are a bit old...now I got some time to convert them from raw to jpeg...wish I had more time!!!

DEC 07 @ 00:17

by JoyYamDaisy

It is beautiful. (It is how the loaf I made yesterday SHOULD have come out - I let it rise a little too long. Still delicious, but not magnificent. As this is!)

DEC 07 @ 14:14

by dukegus

The shaping Joy is the most important part. And ofcourse not overproofing is important too smile

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