Jamie Oliver


DEC 09 @ 03:42

by TerryKay

I've cooked;
salmon in my dishwasher (no stink),
potatoes on a Route Master red bus exhaust manifold (Canning Town to Paddington during rush hour makes lovely Jackets),
stew in a solar cooker made by simply folding a reflective car sun screen,
bacon on a solar parabolic cooker made from a satalite dish.
I fancy trying one of these bury it in a hole methods next, ADVICE ANYONE?


ALSO WHAT ABOUT WEIRD FOODSTUFF. Garden snailsshocked, woodlicequestion, nettleseviletc.

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DEC 09 @ 03:49

by JoyYamDaisy

A lovely start to your blog! Ian Pamentier, Aussie cook, loved to iron a fillet of fish cooked when he was stuck in a motel room (between baking paper). He said it worked beautifully!
I have been at places where food was cooked in a hole (hangi is NZ term usually used around here) Novices tend to get the timing wrong. I had beef cooked in this traditional way at the Aboriginal community where I worked in the Gulf of Carpentaria. But being vegetarian I just watched at everyone oohing and aahing about how beautifully tender the meat was. Many generations of expertise!
But I am sure you will master it, you strike me as that sort of person!smile

DEC 09 @ 04:55

by TerryKay

Thanks for a very complimentary reply mate. Love the Ironing fish idea (Appeals to my spirit of adventure as well as my sense of humour).
Sorry to hear about the vegetarian thing (Surprised you had strength to reach the keyboard LOL) and I hope you make a speedy recovery. Just joking mate lol.
I'll look up hangi on web.
BIG THANKS JOY!!!!! big_smilethumbsup

DEC 09 @ 05:14

by TerryKay

For fresh ground coffee when camping or fishing etc use a pepper grinder to grind the coffee for camping (Overfill it slightly and push top down tight to get beans to grind better). A nice slow brew of these coarser flecks is had by brewing up in a bean can over a tealite candle.

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