Jamie Oliver

Dougs & Ann meet at Jamie's Italian, Oxford !!

DEC 13 @ 21:15

by Dougs

Hi All

After about 3 years or so chatting at Jamie's & Nora's we finally met when Ann (& Bob!)  popped over to England !!  We met at Jamie's Italian today & had a lovely meal, what a great place !  We then wandered round Oxford looking at the amazing buildings.

Can't believe we finally met, thanks guys for producing such a great friendship smile

Wish I could attach the other photo's too !

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DEC 13 @ 21:23

by janiz

It's great to see members of the forum meet eachother and have a wonderful timethumbsup

DEC 14 @ 06:32

by Sandy

Lovely pic Dougs, thanks for sharingthumbsup

DEC 14 @ 22:59

by Kiwi Kris

Wow!!...gorgeous photo of both you lovely ladies; Dougs & Ann!! cool

Glad you all had a wonderful meeting/dinner/sight-seeing, together & along with,
Janiz & Sandy - thanks for sharing, also!! big_smile

Kris   :kiss:

DEC 19 @ 00:57

by ANN

It was a wonderful experience!!  I will do this again!   This forum has truly produced many great friendships!!

AUG 27 @ 01:48

by ANN

Well,  I did it again!!

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