Jamie Oliver

Making christmas-cookies part II

DEC 13 @ 21:27

by Torilla

Had another go in my Christmas-bakery. This time I was heading for 'Spitzbuben', a sandwich made of flour, hazelnuts, lemon zest, vanilla, sugar and egg yolks, filled with home-made red currant-orange jelly and (bought) apricot jam.


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DEC 13 @ 21:30

by CarolineB

Yay. Spitzbuben! Love them...

DEC 13 @ 23:11

by Anna

Haha, I just ate three!  They're definitely the best Christmas biscuit.

DEC 13 @ 23:50

by JoyYamDaisy

Just wonderful! What a delicious spread of biscuits! I love hazelnutty ones!smile

MAR 03 @ 07:10

by cilly

Very delicios!!!

MAY 03 @ 21:57

by mari_

Mein Gott, these cookies look so beautiful! yikes

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