Jamie Oliver

getting ready for the holidays

DEC 21 @ 00:36

by YaDa Chef

Well, if everyone is like me their eyes are starting to cross, my heart is beginning to beat very quickly and my palms are beginnng to sweat.  Why you ask?  My Mum is coming for the holidays!  Yikes I say! 

I am a caterer and personal chef.  Jobs are crazy right now and I have to prepare a traditional Polish Christmas Eve.  To top that off there is Christmas dinner.  Goose was the plan, but cost put a stop to that, so it looks like a yummy turkey dinner will be the fall back.

Oh no, what about Italian pastries everyone loves?

The answer is to start early and freeze or refrigerate as much as you can.  Make a list and stick to it.

Let me know how you cope with having a household full of family.  I would love to know how all of you do it.

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