Jamie Oliver

Kye's Surprise Bread

DEC 31 @ 05:02

by runwestierun

Kye taught me about this amazing Pain Surprise.  You hollow out a huge cyllinder of bread and then stack the inside with little sandwiches.  I decorated mine like a house with trees on the roof for the annual party we throw for the anniversary of the storm that destroyed our house.  I baked the bread this year in a stock pot.  It turned out straighter this year compared to last year when I used a parchment cuff and it sort of leaned.  It was easier to stuff this year.  THanks, Kye!wave

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DEC 31 @ 08:56

by JoyYamDaisy

Isn't it wonderful! Your guests would have loved it!
It is on my list to do toowave

DEC 31 @ 22:42

by Kye


Mine are the other way round. Last year completely staight cylinder and this year they all look lop sided and one even was christened 'the mad hatter', perhaps i'll have a bread machine again soon and they'll look normal once again. But they are always good funbig_smile


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