Jamie Oliver

A Huge Challenge! but I did it!

JAN 03 @ 02:06

by wildly organic

This was a big big job. I volunteered to bake a friend a wedding cake as I could not bare the thought of her getting one from the local grocery store.(would haave beendry with shortening used for a sickly coloured icing...no no no!)

Many days later.... 3 round layers.. chocolate 16 inch 14 and 12   2 dozen roses

Cherry/Kirsch filling

Buttercream and then marshmallow fondant

Assembly was nerve wracking but we did it and it was beautiful and delicious

Anyone else done something as crazy?
Oh then I put on a dress,did my hair,got in the car... and they pluncked the 20 some POUND cake tower on me lap for the 30 minute ride to town!!! When they went to cut it I almost cried!!!sad

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JAN 03 @ 02:18

by MsPablo

Beautiful and very professional-looking.  I love the soft colors.

JAN 03 @ 02:32

by TerryKay

What an absolutely gorgeous cake. They'll be over the moon.
One question.
Do they have to lay down on their side to cut it, or will it be upright on the night.winksmilesmilebig_smilethumbsup

JAN 03 @ 03:21

by JoyYamDaisy

It is absolutely wonderful! I am sorry you had to put it sideways, I wish this blog allowed bigger wideness!smile

JAN 03 @ 03:31

by shammrok

Simply Beautiful!thumbsup

JAN 03 @ 07:26

by Tara

You did a beautiful job WO, I wouldnt have the kahoonas, well done!!!!

JAN 03 @ 08:39

by jutta73

Fantastic effort!That would be too stressful for me to attempt. It would have been a zillion times better than the shop bought one. Great work. thumbsup

JAN 03 @ 13:28

by mummza

just lovely.the cake looks fab thumbsup

JAN 03 @ 15:12


You are so much braver than me. I wouldn't have the guts to chance it. It looks absolutely amazing. Well done. I love it.  It was probably fairly nerve wracking for the precarious journey to the wedding. wave

JAN 11 @ 03:49

by wildly organic

Thanks guys, I love this place,cuz we we share simple things like cakes,how's the weather,what's for supper,what wine goes with what,or whatever, it is just always so good.


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