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The mess

JAN 03 @ 02:24

by wildly organic

Cake Making

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JAN 03 @ 10:39

by bonsai king

Hi I am a new member to this site ,I think that your cakes look wonerfull ,how about the tast?.
My family are not big on cake so I tend to make small ckes just for myself.I like carrot cake and walnut cake.
   I always make lots of mess when I cook I just tink that that is how it is ,I try to put any organic wast on to my wormery .Then it will not be wasted and is great for the garden.It is frozen at the momment ,but I am looking forward to sping when I can start working on my garden.
I see you come from Alberta ,I visited Alderta and the rocky mountains for six weeks back in the early 1990s I stayed in youth hostels and had a great time.I did lots of walking and hiking up mountain trails .I have fond memories of canada and is one of my favorite places.
I enjoy cooking but my cooking is nothing special ,and I hope to be a bit more daring with my cooking ,how easy is it to make lovley cakes like you make.?
kind regards ken

JAN 03 @ 13:26

by mummza

on the scale of messiness...that's not too messy smile
I had 4 children and you should have seen what they could do to a kitchen when making cakes lollol

JAN 11 @ 03:43

by wildly organic

Oh mummza, you should come for cappucino!smile

JAN 11 @ 03:58

by wildly organic

It is easy to cakes Ken,only when you take on three stacked cakes does it become complicated!

The Rockies are lovely, I like Lake Louise.

My family too are also not particularly fond of cake and we eat alot of pies,cookies,fruit things instead.

Ithink I would love a good walnut cake. The walnuts at Christmas were so fresh and delicious!

I just bought a magazine witha recipe for chocolate fudge cake with homemade marshmallows all cut in tiny squares and piled high on top of the cake and dusted with cocoa.Looks yummysmile

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