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My New Little Darling

JAN 04 @ 11:22

by JoyYamDaisy

I have no excuse. i don't have a disposable income. I don't need a pasta machine.
Truly, you are to blame, forummers!
I was swayed by threads about Christmas Kitchen Gifts and Pasta Machines and then I had to go to the amazing shop Constante's to see if they had my pressure cooker ring, and they didn't (not yet) but they had this beautiful little pasta machine.
I was worn down,
I needed shopping therapy,
I needed to be able to write in the thread that I got something for my kitchen!whistle
There, I do have excuses!wave

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JAN 04 @ 12:55

by marcedvr

enjoy your new friends...wave

JAN 04 @ 13:02

by Ida T

Lovely! I total support your shopping therapywink And your machine looks like the one I got!! At least it`s the same brand. Haven`t started useing it yet. Just bougth some semolato di grano duro. Good luck with making pasta!  Looking forward to see what you make smile I`ll post some pasta one day soon I hope.

JAN 04 @ 13:06

by Sandy

Oh wow that a lovely pasta machine, look forward to seeing your home made pasta.thumbsup

JAN 04 @ 14:06

by jutta73

It's shiny, new, stunning and best of all looks solid. I can imagine the fun you will have using it. I am so looking forward to your blogs of pasta! I am patiently waiting for more disposable income and the machine I want to go on sale and then I will be making my own pasta too. Let us know how this machine performs as would be interested to know.

JAN 04 @ 15:59

by nanstertoo

It's beautiful, and you DO need a pasta machine.  Think of all the wonderful, healthy and economical meals you will make for years and years.  Think of it as an investment.  (I'm good at rationalizing)

JAN 04 @ 17:37

by cookinlovebird

Good for youwave I bought one years ago and I really do need to use it so thanks to your purchase we will have to let each other know what we have achieved...all I can think of to start me off would be a fabulous lasagne ( easier to start with a sheet I think)whistle


JAN 04 @ 21:15

by madamada

well done Joy I totally agree you have all excuses for having that pasta machine in your kitchen, it'll be a good friendwinklolthumbsupthumbsupwave

JAN 06 @ 11:27

by Earthmum

Oh its lovely, I do like having a new toy to play with



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