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Pasta and Arabbiata Sauce

JAN 05 @ 10:23

by JoyYamDaisy

Guess who made the pasta?
Me! With my shiny new machine!

It was not without its stresses! I had bought 'Continental flour' which they said was the thing for home made pasta. When I opened the packet it seemed to be very fine semolina. I used one cup of it, and one cup of all purpose flour.
I forgot to get the eggs out of the fridge so they could lose their chill. It took 3 eggs and still wouldn't come together. I wet my hands and that did it (once I had worked in the resulting slime).
But O it was hard to knead! When I pummelled it, it pummeled me back!
But putting it through the machine was such fun!
It took about 8 minutes to cook. Why was that? I thought it would be quicker.
But it tasted VERY good!

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JAN 05 @ 10:45

by runneralps

mmm pasta!!! my favoritetonguetongue

JAN 05 @ 10:45

by rhianna899

Looks fab mrgreen

JAN 05 @ 10:53

by jutta73

It looks very thick, did you adjust the rollers down one level at a time until you got it thin enough?
Sounds like you still need to search for the right flour in Australia. Really sounds like a flour problem. Once you had it together, did you refrigerate it for about 30 mins I think it is.

I have a handout from recipease on the method with a couple recipes and tips etc. Would you like me to scan and email it to you?

JAN 05 @ 11:21

by madamada

brava brava bravathumbsupthumbsup

next time start with eggs and a little water and add flour till needed
my pasta machine for tagliatelle is on mark 6 starting from 0, much thinner than yours but the first ones must be special not perfectwink

JAN 05 @ 12:27

by JoyYamDaisy

Ahh, thanks Jutta and Mada! I could have gone thinner. This was on 6, but the dial goes to 9.
Jutta if it is easy to scan and send me that info, I would love to have it!
Mada I WILL try it your way with the eggs first!

JAN 05 @ 12:38

by Ida T


JAN 05 @ 13:37

by CarolineB

Well done! This time they are great, next time they will be perfect! smile

JAN 05 @ 18:37

by mr spice

Great. I'm almost inspired to get a pasta machine...mmm, thinking about itwave

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